Cafe Himalayan Musaafir

Foods, Breakfast, Dinner, Tea, Cafe, Campsite

Cafe Himalayan Musaafir is a campsite and cafe nestled in the mountains away from the mainstream crowd. It’s a raw, rustic experience of living, giving up little comforts to experience the adventurous life in the mountains with lots of waggling tales around. Bonfire is there to soothe down the cold. The cafe offers basic meals and minimalist menus depending on the inventory. The place offers a good spot to hike around and connect more to nature.

Are you looking to answer the call of the wild? Looking for a quaint getaway in the Himalayas? Or simply to unwind over the weekend? Whatever your holiday needs, the Himalayan Musafir has it all. Himalayan Musafir includes Crazy Cafe and Camps with refreshments, local maps, local knowledge, area information, and guidance.

The Cafe kitchen offers you to taste delicious food made with local spices and veggies and also makes Chinese food on your demand.


Bypass Road to Mecleodganj , backside of Dharamshala busstand, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

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1N – Bonfire, Breakfast, Dinner